11 June 2008

Extraordinary cards

... included one from our oldest parishioner, Audrey Bates, who never lets anything wipe the smile off her face. She had crafted it herself, and how beautifully. And one from Jill Pinnock, so suitably reproducing the Great Doxology at the end of the Roman Canon, which, if you think about it, expresses the whole meaning of the Eucharistic Sacrifice. To the Father; through the Son; in the Spirit. (Which is why I am so dubious about one of the Church of Ireland's Eucharistic Prayers, which divides the Prayer up into three, with the first part addressing the Father, the second addressing the Son, and the third addressing the Spirit. What do readers think of that? Is it even valid?) And a vintage postcard from daughter Katie showing Pope John XXII, an admirable pontiff (and accompanied by a vintage guide to the pontifical palace at Avignon). We were able to detect that the negative was reversed in the course of production: the arms were the wrong way round!

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