26 June 2008

Cosmic Renewal

The Holy Father has just said:
Christ shows us that the Cosmos must become Liturgy, Glory of God, and that adoration is the beginning of the true transformation, the true renewal, of the world.


johnf said...

Reading your blogs leads me down inforeseen pathways, Father.

With my interest aroused by your posting about cosmic renewal I googled the reference and the Holy Father and eventually got to Dionysius the Areopagite.

The upshot is that I ordered William Riordan's book from Aprohead, via Amazon
"Divine Light: The Theology of Denys the Areopagite"


Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Thanks for the recommend. Hadn't heard about trhis book.

Father John-
Not sounding too promising at GAFCON. Any observations?

johnf said...


Just a serendipitous discovery! It seems to well regarded.

I do recommend William Dalrymple's book 'From the Holy Mountain' which Fr John was talking about in an earlier post. I discovered that a few years ago, and it is entrancing, but painful to read about the plight of the Christian communities in the ME countries.

Blair and Bush should have read it before invading Iraq and perhaps (if they cared about this sort of thing) they would have realised that paradoxically the Christian communities survive best under regimes with the strong men in power, Assad, Mubarak, Saddam...