18 May 2008

S Dunstan

In some of the Greek islands near the Turkish coast, there are decaying mosques and weed-grown islamic graveyards. After disastrous wars between Greece and Turkey, there were eventually Exchanges of Population; Greek refugees from Anatolia found sanctuary among their fellow Orthodox Greeks.
We have been asked to pray for the bishops of the Church of England as they meet tomorrow, and I commend such prayer to any readers who are not Anglicans. Tomorrow, looking at it with the eyes of worldly wisdom, a majority of the bishops are certain express their enthusiasm for womenbishops; but they are meeting on the festival of S Dunstan, a very great Archbishop of Canterbury. Might his prayers win for us a change of heart on their part? Nothing is impossible with God, not even the conversion of bishops.
Or might it be God's will that this deadly corruption could rescue good from evil by precipitating a realignment in Christendom? An Exchange of Populations so that those Roman Catholics who so long for women priests could glut themselves with the feminist riches that the C of E can offer them? While we of the Backwards in Bigotry movement could find peace-from-strife in full communion with the Holy See?
But we wouldn't have to migrate from Anatolia to Rhodes. And there is no reason why we should leave our shrines, churches, and convents behind us. Surely, the Cof E - unless it just wants to be stroppy - could do with losing some surplus church buildings?


Little Black Sambo said...

The C of E will let almost any one have the surplus buildings except the B in B movement, which is regarded with peculiar venom. The majority party is behaving as short-sightedly as Pharaoh did with the children of Israel.

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Learn the lessons of the conservative & tradition minded Episcopalians here is the USA. The PB and her cohorts will let empty buildings ROT rather than sell them to the continuing groups of Anglicans or sell them to be turned into mosques and dance halls and liquor stores.
Although not Anglican officially I did consider it back in my post 'hippie' days. Something told me back thenall was not correct and proper with Anglicanism, as much as I wanted and believed Canterbury could become the ORTHODOXY in the West, restored.
Too sad, at what has happened. May the LORD deal kindly with the Remnant of Saint Mary's Dowry.
GOD bless.