6 March 2008


It seems logical occasionally to use this blog for updates on the ORDO (Order for the Eucharist and for Morning and Evening Prayer) which I compile annually; which gives ample information for doing things in church - calendar, readings, exegesis - according to the modern Roman and Anglican rites, interpreted in a traditional way. (It is published by Tufton Press and the ISBN for the 2008 edition is 978-1-85311-796-1.)

The first ORDO UPDATE: yesterday I saw in Blackwells a volume (Anglican) called Common Worship: Festivals. Possible purchasers should be warned that it contains two types of material: (1) Stuff already authorised by the General Synod; so, if you've already got the basic Common Worship, you won't find any new authorised material. (2) Stuff composed by the Liturgical Commission and recommended by the bishops but not actually authorised for use. It is provided for the officiating minister to use in accordance with canonical his right to make, on his own authority, changes which are not of substantial importance. Thus, this stuff has no more legal authority than what a priest might draft himself or borrow from, for example, the Roman rite, the Syro Maklankara Rite, or whatever.

Frankly, I don't like the contents of this book. Modern Anglican Liturgical Commissions rarely provide material from such sources as the ancient Roman Sacramentaries; they have too much self-confidence to miss the chance of composing a lot of verbose and pretentious stuff themselves. For example: this volume provides a lot of Prayers At the Preparation of the Table. This could have been an opportunity to offer translations of Orationes super Oblata from the early centuries. But did they, hell? Even for Corpus Christi, they couldn't bring themselves to use or adapt that wonderful prayer by S Thomas A, in which we ask the Lord to grant his Church the gifts of unity and peace which are mystically designated under the eucharistic elements.

Best to wait for the new translation of the Roman Rite to be authorised.


Anonymous said...

Why waste your time and money on such stuff?

Fr John Hunwicke said...

I didn't. Read carefully what I said. I found a comfortable seat in Blackwells and looked through it. I never contribute to the royalties earned by books I disapprove of; so could somebody send me a discarded copy of ProtoMarini's Book?

Little Black Sambo said...

Off topic, Father, but do you happen to know the origin of the liturgical phrase "world without end"? Some one was saying to me how meaningless he thought it was. Did Cranmer invent it?
(Now that I know you read your correspondence! I apologize for doubting you.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,

Have you had a chance to look over the CW 'Times and Seasons' volume? Do you feel it offers anything more than LHWE and POHG?