10 June 2020

White Rose Day

Well, this side of the Ocean spring came early; and the white roses have long been out in the hedgerows. But that is no reason for failing to wish my readers a very Happy White Rose Day, on this Anniversary of the Birth Day of our late Sovereign liege Lord King James VIII and III ... our longest reigning de jure monarch. And the last King of England to whom the Holy See accorded the right to nominate our Catholic bishops ... so I suppose that those admirable Vicars Apostolic, Petres and Talbots and Stonors, including Bishop Challoner, who were nominated between 1701 and 1766 and look down at us from their portraits in their bands and wigs and 'Gallican' blue cassocks, were named by him. I am sure they all rejoice, and deem it mightily suitable, that the old Bavarian Embassy Chapel in Warwick Street is now in Ordinariate hands. And very appropriate that the Crowns of these Three Kingdoms are destined eventually favente Numine to devolve de jure upon the princely House of Liechtenstein, where Vaduz Cathedral is reported to enjoy a very good level of Churchmanship under a quite Advanced Archbishop.

Then let us rejoice
With heart and voice
There doth one Stuart remain;
And all sing the tune
On the Tenth Day of June
That the King shall enjoy his own again.

A toast consueto more, this evening, to the Monarch? Go on! Unless there's a water shortage!


Scribe said...

Really, Father, I wish you wouldn't do this! We Hanoverian Catholics might have to consider toppling your statue....

Michael Phillips said...

And may Bourbon, the Hapsburgs, and the Romonovs all come into their own again. And Paravel come to earth.

Fr SImon Heans said...

Send him soon over
To kick out Hanover
God save our gracious King
God save the King