6 August 2019

Mr and Mrs Markel

The other day, it was revealed that the UK birth-rate, already well below replacement levels, had plummetted still further. The following day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that their family would not exceed two.

Bad luck for somebody if they conceived twins (or ...).

Her admirers will be relieved to know that the Duchess's reproductive processes will not be subjected to the strain of giving birth to somebody whose future labours and taxes might help to sustain financially the upper end of a top-heavy demographic.

And since the most fertile portions of our population are Islamic, nobody could accuse the Sussexes of anti-Islamic plotting to deny our Islamic population its probable eventual numerical superiority.

So what's not to like?


PM said...

And as for the environment, I read that the count of private jets flying into the venue where they held forth was 114.

Nandarani said...

Good post! Canon212 got me here. And also like: Lockean compromise, where one is pressed with the consequences of one's concessions. :D

Kathleen1031 said...

She clearly wears the elegant royal trousers in that family. Good luck to him.
That Islam has already moved into ascendancy and power in Great Britain seems obvious from the outside. I don't know about the inside. No doubt these two celebrities have influence on many people of childbearing age. The last thing GB needs is to contracept and abort even more indigenous English children. You need more children.

SilverDog said...

Her admirers will not be relieved to know (they do not care anyway if they knew) that the adulterer Duchess is not married to that adulterer British dude. Children outside of her marriage. How does that figure in the census? Guess it does not matter to the pagans. Numbers are numbers.