4 December 2016

Oxford Cathedral on December 4

I popped into the Cathedral the other day to warm my hands at what Mgr R A Kox and his chums in the SSPP would have advertised as a "Latimer and Ridley Pricket Stand". It is propped up against a modern and rather nasty statue of our Lady. Frankly, I think the flickering candles (none of that electrical technology here; modern Anglicans find Mystic Flicker more attractive) would be better placed before the bust of blessed Edward Bouverie Pusey, whom I quite often visit. He would have some things to say about .... and .......

What a powerful part of the Ordinariate's Anglican Patrimony Pusey is. How splendid it would be if the Ordinariate were able to fund some promising young scholar to edit and publish his (unprinted) lectures on Typology, perhaps also to reprint the University Sermon on the Eucharist for which he was suspended a munere contionandi for two years. Typology is the Catholic way of understanding and using Scripture, needed more than ever in these times. And Pusey's Eucharistic teaching, based as it is on the complete realism of the Greek Fathers whom he so lavishly quoted, is just what we need for an age in which most Catholics stroll up to a 'Eucharistic Minister' without any reverence, take a Host and then stroll nonchalantly away, conveying It to their mouths and consuming It as they walk. Is such determined and ostentatious irreverence known to have existed in any other period of the Church's history?

And nearby is the tomb of Robert King, last Abbot of Thame and Oseney and the only recorded Bishop of Rheon in partibus infidelium. He was assigned that see in 1527, apparently, with the intention that he should provide episcopal ministry in the Southern (Oxfordshire) part of the gigantic diocese of Lincoln. Why Rheon? Because it was still in the news ... many books had been written since the siege of Nigripontis in Euboea in 1470? The end of that siege was marked by the Moslems with atrocities and massacres and by their elaboration of interesting ways of killing ... such as the sawing in half of the Christian leader. Plus ca change ...

In 1542, Henry Tudor formed a new Diocese of Oxford, with one of King's Abbatial churches (Oseney, just the other side of the Thames) as its Cathedral and King as diocesan bishop. The cathedra was soon moved to the Chapel of Cardinal College, and Oseney sold off. King, a veritable Tudor Ecclesiastic, sat at Cranmer's trial and survived all the changes introduced by successive Tudor monarchs until his death on December 4 1557. He was the first and the last Bishop of Oxford to be in full communion with the See of S Peter. The see remained vacant until 1567, when Oxford's next Bishop, Hugh Curwen, was appointed. Bishop Bonner had consecrated him with the Apostolic Mandate according to the rites of the Pontifical to be the Marian Archbishop of Dublin, but he had conformed to the 'Settlement' of Bloody Bess ... do you think he now regrets doing so? ... and he died in 1568. The see then remained vacant until 1589 ... I wonder why. Did an effective sede vacante of more than thirty years, 1557-1589, have anything to do with the very recusant character of Elizabethan Oxford? Or simply result from the poverty of the see?

Quorum Animabus Propitietur Deus.


Woody said...

Closer to home, who was it who said, "Bring me the defendant, I shall find him some law"? Judge Jeffrey's?

Timothy Graham said...

Dr Westhaver's thesis on Pusey's lectures on Typology is well worth the read:
It would be wonderful to have the full text though.

El Codo said...

The mystery is why Dr Pusey, such a craggy intellect and massive stupor mundi ,did not follow Dr Newman to Rome. His marriage? Too English by half perhaps and too Anglican,unable to escape the golden chains?

B flat said...

Is such determined and ostentatious irreverence known to have existed in any other period of the Church's history?
Dear Father,
Was not Arianism fully as irreverent of the Incarnate Son Of God? And has not Protestantism effectively denied the truth of the words of institution uttered by the Lord Himself at the Last Supper?
Those modern Arians, "The Witnesses of Jehovah," who have no perception of the revelation of man's real dignity, are as fully committed to building a community of believers as the Modernists who,ignoring revealed truth and despising Tradition, are committed primarily to earthly concerns of peace, mercy and ecology, both looking to prepare a chiliastic heaven on earth, which will be yet another hell.
If only they would lift up their eyes, and listen to God and His revelation of Himself, which the Church has so faithfully explained over the ages! Then they and we might yet save our souls within Christ's Church together, and bring in more than a few of those ignorant of what God has prepared for those who love Him.
This was a wonderfully inspiring post. I would love to prepare an edition of the Pusey lectures on typology. I imagine your post will generate an eager queue of students....

Auriel Ragmon said...

I,as a thankfulfoarmer anglo-catholic Christian, now having becoming Eastern Orthodox don't have to parse post-Tridentine stuff about the Eucharist. I know it is real and don't have to explain it.
Jim of Olym
Still like your Romantic stuff, Father! Keep 'em coming!