9 November 2017


The Winter article to which I referred a few days ago, not only attacks Fr Weinanandy, but also berates Cardinal DiNardo and the USA Episcopal Conference. Winter thinks that their response to Weinandy was weak.

Actually, on reflection, I can't help feeling there is a little something in this. DiNardo does talk about dialogue and does refrain from angry personal remarks about Weinandy. Moreover, being 'sacked' as a Consultor of the Doctrine Commission may be rather a sweet martyrdom. Father will be spared boring chores arising from an episcopal tendency to kick troublesome balls into long grass by referring them to the Commission. He will have more time now to get on with his own stuff! Like Cardinal Mueller, he may even feel less inhibited!

As Father wrote, the Bishops of the world have mostly been extremely quiet. Some of those who have said the bolder things are among the younger bishops; men whose age and current position means that, when the natural time comes for their next move, we are likely to have entered into a new pontificate. I have, throughout my own career, several times noticed with amused interest how little auctoritas a principal seems to retain when he is known to be in his last year or so!

When the Cardinal Secretary of State can go public with the opinion that PF's critics do deserve an answer, the evidence suggests that the tide is not flowing strongly in PF's direction, and that even 'top people' are starting to hedge their bets or to distance themselves.

I urge readers to keep their heads and to do anything they can to ensure that the momentum ... rolls. We are getting somewhere; the pressure on PF is mounting. There are signs of real panic in partibus adversis. As PF's defenders become fewer and more nuanced, perhaps we should detect a growing apprehension among some of them that it might not do their own careers much good in the next pontificate to have been too loudly explicit in this one. And PF's determination to follow up Amorislaetitiagate so quickly with Luthergate and deathpenaltygate and liturgygate may suggest that he is himself panicking at the thought of not having time to fulfill his ambitions and those of his cronies.

Believe me, they're on the back foot. Control of the agenda seems to be slipping from their grasp. Fewer and fewer thoughtful observers are confident that PF is a safe pair of hands.



Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

For those of us who are Irish-Algonquin, the idea of a momentum building in opposition to novelty is certainly welcomed (as are all fights) but we can't misremember (St Dubya) that deep in the night we can expect to hear the stomping of a rumpelstiltskinlike figure angrily issuing imprecations and rebarbative recriminations against his personal enemies and woe betide the prelate within his range.

Cardinals wear red for what reason?

Catholic 78 said...

Father, I do hope that your gut feelings are correct.. this mob that surrounds PF is vicious and ruthless. As the whole picture seems to be enlarged in front of our eyes , certainly what was in the dark is being bought to the light.. at least we now know that what we thought all along was correct, that there are dark forces within the Church.

Cosmos said...

The tension for the progressives in the Catholic Church is this: if they succeed, they undermine their own authority. They kill the golden goose.

As every liberal protestant denomination shows us, there is no future in a watered-down Christianity. Very few people care to be part of a Church that makes no unique claims about itself, more specifically that teaches that it is not necessary for salvation. Sure, there are sentimental liberals continue to participate because its part of their identity (or because of nagging guilt), but fewer and fewer of their children will care. Why would they? Their parents and the progressive prelates spend most of their time insisting on the non-exclusive nature of the Church.

Yes, the liberals will be able to find like-minded travels willing to burn through the trust fund with them as the Church liquidates. There will always be priests to be found. But, its not going to be a compelling bunch. It will be the exact opposite: mediocrities willing to serve mediocrity for a comfortable job.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Müller, and the freedom to speak up, I cannot recall you addressing the subject of Müller’s preface to Buttiglione’s book. I find this odd, I must say. Do you feel in any way constrained?

Perhaps you would care to comment on the following extract from the preface. It certainly seems to me that Müller is saying that an individual may determine subjectively that an objectively, i.e. canonically, correct marriage, is in fact not a true marriage, and, on this subjectively discerned basis, the individual subject may legitimately receive communion while apparently irregularly situated with another.

“In a matrimonial annulment procedure, therefore, the real will of marriage plays a fundamental role. In the case of a conversion in mature age (of a Catholic who is such only on the certificate of baptism) one can say that a Christian is convinced in conscience that their first bond, even if it took place in the form of a marriage in the Church, was not valid as a sacrament and that their current marriage- like bond, prized by children and with a living relationship matured over time with their current partner is a true marriage before God. Perhaps this cannot be canonically proven because of the material context or because of the culture of the dominant mentality. It is possible that the tension that occurs here between the public- objective status of the “second” marriage and subjective guilt can open, under the conditions described, the way to the sacrament of penance and Holy Communion, passing through a pastoral discernment in internal forum.”

armyarty said...

If the Vatican is anything like my club, or the Army, or any organization dominated by men that I have ever belonged to, I would be surprised if PF had not alienated a very large number of people by now. His brand is wearing thin, and he has not really achieved anything. Lack of success, coupled with heavy handed methods, and a vindictive attitude are a sure-fire recipe for a lack of cooperation, and nominal compliance amounting to resistance. So is a lack of loyalty, and there are several cases where he has been on both sides of an issue.

By the way, there is a Bishop, who has impressed me by his brave and manly life. Rene Gracida, retired bishop of the see of Corpus Christi, Texas, who added his name to the filial correction. One can safely assume that after an extensive combat record in World War II, he can take being cut at wine and cheese parties without too much distress.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Fr. Hunwicke, ...I read recently that Cardinal Turkson is gung-ho to implement Pope Francis' "plans". ...

The thing I am truly grateful for in the pontificate, is that we see clearly how many wolves there are in Cardinals and Bishops' vestments. They are many, and they cannot go back and hide behind orthodoxy after this. Even the silent ones...I know that they did not speak, and that silence speaks volumes. I would not trust them to defend the faith. Priests, as per Fr. RP's essay on 1P5 - are not in the same category that I place bishops and cardinals.

The second thing, is that I am determined to learn my faith...i.e. what was taught pre-Vatican II. Being of the post-Vatican II era, I realize how unequipped I am.

Fr. Heilman has started a 54 day Novena for Pope Francis, beginning today. I am partaking of the novena to pray for the Holy Father, because he really needs conversion. With God all things are possible.

María Ferraz said...

What is Cardinal Burke waiting for?

Kathleen1031 said...

I do notice he said something Catholic this past week. I believe he does that when he has been particularly harsh or Marxist, right after that, he falls over something Catholic-y we might recognize. Come Monday, it's back to business as usual. So he might now be off-balance with things, not feeling the usual cover or momentum. Fine, we'll take it.

Sam Sham said...

You do understand that with the College packed with Bergoglio modernist clones that the next pope will be even worse...if that can be imagined.

Hugh said...

If you're right, Fr, we could be approaching a "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" moment. That would be such a blissful answer to prayer. Shoulders to the wheel, comrades.

Unknown said...

Sam Sham, perhaps not. Paul's College elected John Paul, John Paul and Benedict's elected Francis. Colleges are startling.

Frank (@txtradcatholic) said...

In response to Edward Ahlsen-Girard and Sam Sham: I believe Sandro Magister is reporting there are at least 70 Cardinals who are basically fed up with PF. Or perhaps it was Edward Pentin in his recent presentation to Michael Matt's Catholic Identity Conference, I forget. Let's assume this is true; even so it does not guarantee we won't get someone like Turkson or Tagle next. But it gives reason for hope, as does the recent history Edward cited.

That 54-day novena sounds like a great idea.

Frank (@txtradcatholic)