2 December 2016

Sancta Bibiana

I felt moved by today's Breviary lectiones, perhaps all the more so because they lack those miraculous details which we find in some Acta Martyrum.

It is, I suspect, probable that most of the Martyr Virgins were barely, if at all, into their teens when they bore their Witness. Like S Maria Goretti.

What wonderfully resolute girls they must have been. What rebukes to our weak faith and cool ardour. And to the compromises we make with the Zeitgeist.

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Joshua said...

I was at Adoration when I read in the Matins lessons that she was whipt to death: how gruesome and terrible her suffering, how close her emulation of her Divine Master's bloody passion. She must have a high degree of glory in heaven: may she pray for us, may her glorious merits obtain saving graces from the Lord for us poor sinners dwelling in the shadow of death.