15 January 2014

Natty dressers

Anybody who knows me knows that I am far from being a natty dresser. Shabby and seedy gets it better. I am still wearing literally threadbare clerical shirts which I bought in the eighties; I have just noticed naked knee staring up at me through one of the two pairs of trousers that I possess. Few shoes in the Ordinariate are downer at heel than mine. I possess a cassock-alb and a polyester chasuble. I am a lace-free zone.

But if I got a letter like that sent by the Holy Father to his new nominees to the College of Cardinals ... telling them to receive their new status in a way "far from any expression of worldliness or from any form of celebration contrary to the evangelical spirit of austerity, sobriety, and poverty" ... well, poor, flawed sinner that I am, my immediate and deplorably concupiscent instinct would be to order Gammarelli's to make me a galero and do it instantissime with cappa magna to follow; and to find a sympathetic princess in Rome who might loan me her palace for a lavish reception.

Does this mean that, deep down, I count as a genuine narcissistic butterfly?


dmw said...

Limiting monsignori but appointing more cardinals. It doesn't make sense to me. Yes, we need papal electors. Why not use either the clergy of Rome (curia included) or the world's metropolitan archbishops (many of whom are already cardinals) to do the job in the Sixtine?

Deacon Augustine said...

No, but it probably makes you a fine addition to the society of "Self-absorbed Promethean Neo-Pelagians."

Patricius said...

Reminds me of a few lines from The Naked Civil Servant:

"To wear suede shoes was to be under suspicion. Anyone who had hair rather than bristle at the back of his neck was thought to be an artist, a foreigner or worse. A friend of mine who was young in the same decade as I says that, when he was introduced to an elderly gentleman as an artist, the gentleman said, 'Oh, I know this young man is an artist. The other day I saw him in the street in a brown jacket.'"

GOR said...

Father, you would never be taken for a butterfly – narcissistic or otherwise.

You have gravitas and could hardly be termed a lightweight!

Plus, I think you would look great in a galero

Anonymous said...

No, it means, dear Father, that you are gloriously contrary and that you celebrate as you see fit and not according to someone else's hang-ups about how a Catholic should celebrate.

Rubricarius said...

No lace and bands - I would call that excellent taste.