22 May 2009

1559-2009 (3)

At the first Anglo-Catholic Priests' Convention in 1921, the Principal of Chad's, Durham, said:
Let us remind ourselves that the grand possession of Western Christendom, this great prayer, the Canon of the Mass, this noble Consecration prayer, for at least 1300 years, intact and immutable, formed the basis of the Western Rite. Without exaggeration we may describe it as the oldest liturgical prayer in Christendom. Through all the middle ages our English Rite followed it. It is free from anything that implies any mediaeval developments of eucharistic doctrine. It stands unaltered in the Roman Mass of today. It is our inalienable heritage as priests of the Church Catholic in the West.

I don't understand why so many Catholic priests are so unwilling to use a Prayer which has attracted the enthusiastic admiration of generation after generation of liturgically erudite Anglicans.

Anyway, as far as the Ordinariate is concerned, the Canon is our invariable act of Sunday Eucharistic worship. That, in its own, would be a jolly decent reason for belonging to the Ordinariate!


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Tawser said...

It may be our "inalienable heritage" but it is a little ironic that outside of an Anglican use parish I used to attend, I never once heard the Roman canon used in a Roman Catholic parish. Someday someone is going to have to explain to me the difference between Henry VIII and Paul VI.

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