8 February 2019

Waugh and Pope Francis

In Brideshead, Waugh describes his disillusionment with the Army in terms of a husband's disillusionment with a wife:
"I caught the false notes in her voice and learned to listen for them apprehensively ... I learned ... her jealousy and self-seeking, and her nervous trick with the fingers when she was lying ...".

I wonder if I am the only one to have followed this process with PF: "The nervous trick with the fingers when she was lying".

I had precisely this experience again with regard to PF's recent document advocating syncretistic relativism. Even before I had found the full text of the Declaration on my computer (I am still no good at all with these machines), I had seen his statement that the Declaration did not "go an inch beyond" the teaching of Vatican II.

Instantly ... I knew ... that it was going to go, in fact, rather more than an inch.

"The nervous trick with the fingers when he is lying".

Perhaps some of you, during these dark days, have recalled Chesterton's words Naught for your comfort, Yea, naught for your desire, save that the sky grows darker yet and the sea rises higher. But at least PF's propensity to resort to mendacity like a duck to water makes him that bit easier to read and, to that degree, perhaps a trifle less dangerous.


Claude said...

Well, yes. I catched a long time ago that when this pope says one thing on a "hot" issue, the key to understanding is to take it as meaning the opposite.

Fr. VF said...

I believe the heretical statements will go on indefinitely. When the anti-Church decides the time is right to de-couple from the Church, they will try to coerce everyone to do something appalling, like celebrate a "Mass" with no consecration.

I predict that those who capitulate will be those who have already been practicing McCarrick-Wuerlism, giving Communion out in violation of Canon 915, which is a mortal sin.

Marie said...

Yes, as has been said elsewhere, the next modernist pope may be a good bit brighter and more dangerous.