3 October 2015

Our Lady of Victories

So, tomorrow, the Synod begins. And what an auspicious Day! As your Extraordinary Form ORDO will remind you, you are entitled to celebrate the Day with an External Solemnity of our Lady of the Rosary. And I probably don't need to remind readers of this blog that the original title of this celebration was our Lady of Victories. But more on her, and on all that ... Lepanto and ... you know what I mean ... on October 7.

Today I do remind you that next Sunday, October 11, until the time of Pius XII, was the feast of the Maternity of our Lady; it was extended to the whole (Latin) Church in 1931 by Pius XI to celebrate the 15th centenary of the Council of Ephesus; and he took care on this occasion also to refer to Casti Connubii [he had issued that bull in 1930] and the education of the young [Divini illius Magistri came out in 1929]. Moving on through October, in aliquibus locis the following Sunday commemorated Mary's Purity and the Sunday after that, her Patronage (Patrocinium).

What a wealth of teaching, in fact, came thus to us from the Liturgy and, indeed, from the Popes of the decades beteen Vatican I and Vatican II. Pius XI was pre-eminent among these; and you should not need me to recall that it was he who in 1925 instituted the Feast of Christ the King, so altered in meaning as effectively to have been abolished after Vatican II. This was perhaps the single most destructive of the changes made by the trio de maniaques who, according to Louis Bouyer, 'revised' the Calendar.

It makes you wonder whatever we needed Vatican II for. Let us hope that the Synod Fathers, even the German ones, will be fed by the Church's authentic and abiding Magisterium and Liturgy.


Seo Anyaran said...

I like this info. Thanks from Learning Based Web

Who is that lady?

t Podlesak said...

Today I start a novena to Our Lady of Victory for the return of the present Church to the unity of the true Faith of Jesus Christ. In Lackawanna, NY, Father Baker built a Basilica and homes for the unwanted under the title of Our Lady of Victory. Father Baker's Prayer to Our Lady of Victory: O Victorious Lady! Thou who has ever such powereful influence with thy Divine Son, in conquering the hardest of hearts, intercede for those for whom we pray, that their hearts being softened by the rays of Divine Grace, they may return to the unity of the true Faith, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.