11 December 2008

Collect for our Lady of Guadalupe, as requested!

God the Father of Mercies, who set your people beneath the mighty patronage of your Son's most holy Mother, grant to all who call upon the blessed Virgin as our Lady of Guadalupe that with livelier faith they may seek the advancement of peoples in the ways of justice and of peace.
This collect recalls rather pointedly the 'left-wing' encyclical of Paul VI, Populorum Progressio. It is worth remembering that the Cause of Archbishop Oscar Romero has recently been taken up.
The Latin original contains only one major grammatical howler.


Figulus said...

Deus, Pater misericordiarum, qui sub sanctissimae Matris Filii tui singulari patrocinio plebem tuam constituisti, tribue cunctis, qui beatam Virginem Guadulapensem invocant, ut, alacriori fide, populorum progressionem in viis iustitiae quaereant et pacis. Per Dominum.

Thank you, Father, for that excellent translation. I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't spot the howler. Perhaps someone would point it out to me?

Fr John Hunwicke SSC, said...

There is, I believe, no verb Quaereo.
Quaero is Third Conjugation.
John Hunwicke

Figulus said...

Thank you, Father, for the pointer. The odd thing is that I knew quaerere was third declension, but I never noticed the -eant ending was off the mark. Know doubt it means that my reading-only education has been deficient, and I really must endeavor to learn Latin composition as well.