24 October 2001

Concelebration 4

Anglicanism is, when it comes to Cofirmation, the most prelatical tradition in Christendom. In Orthodoxy, the presbyter is the normal minister of Sealing or Consignation; in the Roman Catholic Church presbyters, by commission, regularly confirm and in certain circumstances (e.g. the Easter Vigil) law automatically delegates this office to presbyters. But Anglican bishops ...

Of course, in the ancient churches of East and West presbyters confirm by virtue of the sacramental authority either implicitly or explicitly delegated to them by their Bishop, and their use of episcopally consecrated Chrism is but one sign of this. And that is why, in the modern Roman Rite, presbyters extend their right hands as the Pontiff says the Prayer for the Descent of the Holy Spirit. The priest is genuinely participating with his high priest in the conferring of this Sacrament. He is a concelebrant of the Sacrament.

The Oil of Chrism ... now there's another example of Concelebration. Watch this space.

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