30 July 2018

Fictive Narratives

It is a now familiar picture: the Pope who shifts the blame on to others ("I was poorly informed"); the Pope who contradicts himself; who says different things to different people. The recent account of PF's dealings with the Argentine military dictatorship is unsubstantiated but terrifyingly circumstantial and unnervingly fits in with many compelling reconstructions of his character.

We have a Pope who, in any sort of Mess, takes easy and facile refuge in Fictive Narratives.

Many of us have felt driven to differ from PF's views on basically important matters of Faith and Morals. Nevertheless, he and we are fellow-Christians with all that this implies about our common life together in Christ's Body the Church.

But how easy is it to do any sort of meaningful business with a Roman Pontiff the integrity of whose word looks increasingly implausible? Or with his public apologists?

Any sort of business other than waiting for these terrible days to pass.


Dan said...

Everything in me cries out that it's time to abandon whatever this "church" has become. Time after time I've watched as this "church" actively suppresses and destroys anything Catholic.

My parish finally got a young priest who actually spouts Catholic teaching, and of course he's suffering the consequences.

The destruction has become readily apparent under the Francis. The destroyers are positively gleeful.

TLM said...

Lord God help us!!! Hail Mary! Please guide your children!!! Keep us faithful to your Son and to the true Church!! AMEN!!

Ana Milan said...

While waiting for these times to pass we must be ready with a Plan B for when they do. The Hierarchy is presently stacked against us getting a Pope faithful to Christ who will preserve the Apostolic link & be vigilant in ensuring the correct interpretation of scripture & precepts of the OHC&A Church are being taught. Silent prelates must seek to assure us that such a Plan has been draw-up to be enforced as soon as PF no longer occupies the Seat of Peter.

E sapelion said...

Pope Benedict spoke of 'Filth' in reference to the behaviour of priests who are sexual predators. No doubt this has always been a problem in the Church, as in every other walk of life. It is clear that Pope Francis has been slow to realise the extent to which Princes of the Church are prepared to lie through their teeth about it. However he is doing considerably better than Pope John-Paul II, who thought that charismatic figures like Maciel and Karadima were part of the recovery of the Church. I don't see these days passing until the Augean Stables have been cleared, and I have no idea how to achieve that.
Pope Pius IV tackled the problems of nepotism and corruption by creating his nephew Charles Borromeo a cardinal at the age of 22, and getting him to drive through reforms! All we can do is pray that PF finds the right people to achieve the task.

El Codo said...

Father, you must stop this public criticism of the Holy Father. You are demonstrating so clearly that you have drunk too deeply of the Protestant spirit within the C of E., and you will bring approbation on the Ordinariate, about which many already have doubts. Obedience is part of being a Catholic priest, as is discretion. You are setting yourself up as a “Pope in the pulpit” like some tinny conventicle preacher. Your erudition is often so intersting and helpful but when you go off on a rant against the Supreme Pontiff, you let yourself and your calling down.

Dad29 said...

Yes, well. It's been said that Pp. Francis is a Peronist. Peron could say "yes" to any question on Monday and "no" to the very same question on Tuesday. Since those responses were to different people--and made each one happy--all was well!

We simply don't understand complexity.