23 November 2017

Automatic Canonisation of popes! John Paul I! Santo ieri!

Yes! Here we go again!! What superb examples to the least of the Faithful these modern post-Conciliar Roman Pontiffs are, every single man-jack of them!!!

The admirable Dr (Ordinariate) Kirk, on his admirable blog GKIRKUK, hopes that PF will live to perform the canonisation of Pope Ratzinger. He sees this prospect as rich in ironies. I always agree with Dr Kirk about everything because he is so very much cleverer than I am, so I must make clear how strongly I disagree with those of my readers who hope, instead, that the Pontiff Emeritus will live to grace with his presence the canonisation of PF.

But I do foresee two problems about the inevitable, exspectatissima, canonisation of PF.

(1) A number of (apparently) theologically competent people have moved the dread H-word [Heresy] rather close to PF. This would, surely, have to be faced.

This obstacle could be dealt with by instantly canonising Pope Honorius I (reigned 625-638). This would mean that, whatever future generations decide about PF's orthodoxy or lack of it, there will still be a precedent for canonising him. Perhaps it might occur to Cardinal Sarah to give the two of them a joint feast day.

(2) There seems to be a general consensus that, during the Argie Military Dictatorship, PF did what he could to help and to save threatened people, quietly and behind the scenes, but that he did not deliver great thundering public condemnations of the murderous tyrants (as he fearlessly does qua pope of his menacing, cut-throat curial colleagues and his terrifyingly homicidal brother clergy). But one of the arguments deployed to block the canonisation of Pope Pacelli is that, although he crammed thousands of Roman Jews into Vatican property and encouraged others to do the same sort of thing, he never explicitly and specifically denounced the unspeakably ghastly Nazi holocaust of European Jewry.

(PF is, I believe, due to visit Burma in a few days' time. I will be very interested to see whether he will be bold about the genocide going on there; to avoid which Islamic refugees, getting on for a million of them, have fled to Bengal. He might well be: he certainly did have the guts courageously to face down the threats of the Turkish government with regard to the Armenian Holocaust. If he does speak up, credit is due where credit is due ... especially from those who have made a habit of criticising him.)

Pius XII is not one of my heroes; but if he also were to be instantly canonised, this would finally clear the way for PF also to be raised to the altars, whatever different readers may think of his conduct during the Military Dictatorship.

Gotta get everything in place, y'know. Santo subito, if not sooner!!!


philipjohnson said...

Argie Military Dictatorship just about sums up the present regime occupying The Vatican.Do you think we could plan a Military Coup?

Michael Leahy said...

I don't entirely agree with your comparison between Pope Pius XIIth and Pope Francis. Pope Pius could be justified in not criticising the Nazis in public for fear of provoking ever more severe attacks upon the Jews, as happened when the Dutch bishops condemned the rounding up of Jews in their own country. I'm not so sure the same circumstances apply in the case of Pope Francis.

I have long felt that Pope Pius XIIth risked the sacrifice of his own reputation in order to maximise the saving of Jewish lives.

Banshee said...

Re: the Rohingya thing, I don't know that I'd expect much. The problem is that there are a large group of Rohingya Jihadists who were (and are) running around Burma killing, raping, and driving out everybody who's not a Rohingya Muslim of their particular sort. The less peaceful sort of Burman has retaliated by doing the same thing to Rohingya villagers.

So not only is there a wave of Rohingya refugees fleeing to Muslim countries (like Bangladesh and Malaysia, although Malaysia isn't a good idea because they are getting raped and human trafficked and killed, as fictionally depicted in the new Malaysian film Aqerat, which is based on terrible stuff reported in Malaysian news), but of non-Rohingya Burmans fleeing to places like India.

It's a very nasty mess. And of course, Myanmar wasn't the most free country in the world, to begin with.

E sapelion said...

I was surprised that Papa Ratzinger did not put the brakes on this process. It would be well to wait until all the documentation has been released before opening the cause of a pope. Not so long ago there was an established convention of waiting on the judgement of history.

Arthur L. Gallagher said...

Actually, there is a widespread rumor that PF was an informer for the Argentine Navy, and sold his leftie friends to save his own bottom line.

When I first heard it, it was from a South American woman- fellow attorney- who narrowed her eyes as she whispered the thing.

I took note of it, because I knew an Irish priest named Kelly,working in New York who was the target of an assassination attempt by the same Navy, and was living, for his own safety, in New York. (He was no leftist, and was a great believer in clerical submission to authority, but he had the poor judgment to preach a sermon in favor of trade unionism. It got several other people killed, including another priest who had the same name.)

I never got into the details about what happened in Argentina, at that seminary,except that it involved the Navy, and that he was home in Ireland having his teeth fixed. The lady I know was only repeating a rumor. But she is a very sensible woman, and thought that it was a credible rumor. So, I have to disagree, and say that there is really no consensus about PF being clean.

Arthur L. Gallagher said...

I do not like all these canonizations. They are not edifying, and it often seems that they are rushed through. None of these popes was a Mother Cabrini, and they are all divisive. Better to leave the thing alone, until they are distant figures. Unless they can work some astounding miracle, like the good Reverend Mother did! And a life that is exemplary to all!

Having said that, there was a priest named Kenneth Walker, who was murdered about two years ago who greatly impressed me at the time. It appears that he has worked TWO miracles! 28 year old priest, without guile, or any love of property, killed very violently. It seems that God indeed gathers the fairest flowers in his garden, at the moment of their perfection!

Simon Platt said...

Oh! Fr Walker.

After his murder the FSSP released a letter he had written; I think on connection with his application to be accepted as a seminarian. His zeal for souls was most edifying. God grant that he can continue that work from heaven!