12 May 2017

Diaconia, briefly, again

Dr David Lopez has kindly sent me a copy of an article on Diaconia which he published in 2014 (Antiphon 19.1, pp 51-78. He is very much on target, and I commend his piece to those who want to take the matter further.


JamesF-J said...

I don't suppose the article is available online anywhere Father? Or would Dr Lopez be willing/able to provide a link or pdf? I have circulated links to your previous posts on diakonia to my fellow candidates & aspirants to the Permanent Diaconate at Oscott, and they generated some interest. I think this article would also be of interest to them. I will see if Oscott library carries Antiphon next time I am there

Deacon David said...

Antiphon is now (as of Spring 2017) being published by Catholic University of America Press. PDF articles from Volume 19 and 20 are currently available at Project Muse. Here is a link:

JamesF-J said...

Deacon David thanks for the link I will check it out