14 January 2017

Foundation of the Ordinariates!!

January 15, 2011, the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham was erected and Mgr Keith Newton was appointed Ordinary. We invite all our friends to join in our thanksgivings and supplications!!

Suggested Extraordinary Form ORDO entry, providing for due commemoration on tomorrow's anniversary:
Cras in Ordinariatu: secunda oratio Deus omnium fidelium pastor et rector (cum orationibus Super Oblata et Post Communionem) additur sub una conclusione cum orationibus diei in omnibus Missis ob inaugurationem Reverendissimi Keith Newton Ordinarii Protonotarii Apostolici Episcopi emeriti Rutupiensis.

Within the Collect etc., perhaps the simplest text is ... pastorem ecclesiae huic praeesse voluisti ... . Or, if you must, ... pastorem Ordinariatui Beatae Mariae de Walsingham praeesse voluisti ... .

I have heard it suggested that Silvester is the Latin for Keith. Moi, in the Te igitur I always just say antistite nostro Keith.


Anita Moore said...

I'm afraid January 15th also has some sadness as it is the first anniversary of my mother's death. I would be obliged if you would remember her at Mass tomorrow.

Peregrinus Toronto said...

Felicitatons to our brothers and sisters of the "Mother Ordinariate" in the "Mother Country." We colonials in Canada, a year behind and sharing with our republican cousins to the south in a younger iteration of the ordinariates -- the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter -- ask that the prayers of Our Lady of Walsingham and of Bl. JHN guide and keep you as you complete five years of worship and service in the full communion of the Catholic Church.

Deimater said...

Also speaking as a Canadian - we've not been colonials since 1931 - and acknowledging how wonderfully gracious, hospitable and thoroughly kind our American brethren are - anyone who was in Houston with me last September will heartily agree with me! - still, given our centuries-old links with the UK and, of course, with the Supreme Governour of the Church of England, I'd have preferred that a British prelate call the shots for Anglican Catholics in this fair Dominion until such time as we are mature enough to have our own Ordinariate. On that score, I wonder what an apt name would be for an eventual Canadian Ordinariate.