5 February 2016

S Agatha, ora, ora pro nobis

Cardinal Burke's Titular Church in Rome is S Agatha's of the Goths: the only Catholic church in Rome built originally for non-Catholics (Arians). (As Sir Michael Caine says, "Not many people know that.") Those whose diaries won't accommodate a trip to Rome for its Patronal Festival will be looking forward to flocking instead to the great 'Venetian' Anglo-Catholic Basilica, now an Ordinariate church, of S Agatha in Landport, Portsmouth. S Agatha's Day is February 5; the External Solemnity at the weekend is the annual occasion for a Solemn High Mass (Ordinariate Rite) which could make you think you were back in the triumphalist Anglo-Papalism of the 1930s ... when "Faith was taught, and fanned to a golden blaze".

SATURDAY 6 February: High Mass 11.00 a.m., Mozart's Little Credo Mass; Preacher Fr A Lucie-Smith. Followed by a Reception.

The pp, the splendid Fr Maunder, continues the work of restoring the church. His latest plan is for an altar which will have for its reredos a picture (yet to be painted) in the baroque style (as of Murillo? Tiepolo?). Here is Father's ambitious description:
"The Blessed Virgin holding forth a scroll [Anglicanorum coetibus] whilst S Agatha beckons towards Benedict XVI, who, kneeling, is vested in a cloth-of-gold cope with the triple crown placed to one side. Below, separated by putti and appropriate clouds, the first four priests of S Agatha's: Fr Linklater, Fr Dolling, Fr Tremenheere, and Fr Coles; kneel, eyes heavenward, offering prayer for unity with the Holy See."

I hope that the design will have flexibility enabling a future generation to add a halo to the head of the Pontiff. And perhaps to put the Triregnum onto his head as well!

We're getting there!!

Patrimony!!! You know it makes sense!!!!


Pastor in Monte said...

Happy to contribute!

johnf said...

From the description, the reredos picture will be based on Raphael's Sistina Madonna, with Pope Julius iII presenting the Madonna to us. A painting which presents Pope Juius as a fatherly figure, in a very different light from his historical image as a warrior Pope.

Banshee said...

That is a really nifty idea for a painting. It should encourage prayer for unity and for souls. I hope the lucky painter does it justice.