23 June 2014

More excellent advice from the Anglican Patrimony

Nathanael Woodard, Founder of the Woodard Corporation of Anglican Catholic Schools in one of which I taught for twenty eight years, used to say that Education without Religion is pure evil. How right he was.

I was reminded of his words after hearing a thing on the radio about the promotion of 'non-sectarian education' in Northern Ireland. This is, apparently, deemed an admirable thing, because 'sectarian' education is divisive. The card which the sharper has neatly concealed up his sleeve is the fact that 'non-sectarian education' is simply the ruthless imposition upon every child of the relativistic assumption that religious truth is a minor individual choice at the margin of community, rather than something central both to individuals and communities. Of course 'non-sectarian education' suits the secularists because they have their own thoroughly ruthless agenda with its own non-negotiable dogmas.

Suggest to these people that children should not be given Personal and Social Education (i.e. indoctrination on the rightness of sexual immorality and of perversion) because it is Divisive, and watch the steam come out of their ears. I've done it. It's not a pretty sight.


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Éamonn said...

The religion being pushed by the Education Minister here is of course Marxism; he is a Provie (Sinn Féiner) after all. On the other hand, show me a genuinely Catholic school in Northern Ireland. My niece is about to leave one of the most prestigious Catholic girl's grammar schools in NI, where she got the HPV vaccine as well as the world-view that accompanies it. Her RE syllabus at GCSE was generic Scripture study accompanied by bald statements of Catholic teaching with no serious explanation or apologetic. It reduced the Faith to a series of isolated odd statements making no real coherent sense. With no distinctive moral or doctrinal witness, we have to ask, why bother?