13 April 2014

Fr Thurston on Palm Sunday

If you ever get the opportunity of buying some of the old CTS pamphlets which Fr Thurston wrote to explain the rites of Holy Week, grab it.

Here, for a taster, is a passage from his Palm Sunday Pamphlet.

"[W]e have retained a vestige of the solemn entry into the city or cathedral in the halt still made by the sacred ministers in front of the closed church door. Of old, as the procession came back to the town - that is in their symbolistic conception of the scene, as our Saviour drew nigh to the walls of Jerusalem - high up among the battlements over the city gate, or over the cathedral porch, a group of choristers would be looking out ready to greet His approach. The procession comes to a standstill, and there above their heads the fresh young voices of the choir-boys ring out through the still morning air, chanting the words:

Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit, Rex, Christe Redemptor,
Cui puerile decus prompsit Hosanna pium. "


Unknown said...

And this was removed, unfortunately, in the 1955 'updating' of the Holy Week liturgy. A great loss.

Ben said...

Reminds me of the rubrics in "The Processional of the Nuns of Chester":-

Fro the churche doore to ierusalem ye shal say thys antym, Cum appropinquaret, &c.

Here the priores and other .ij. ladies shall take the prestes & goo into the cyte of ierusalem and there thay shal synge this antym, En rex uenit, &c.

Here the ladies that ben with oute shall synge this .a'. when they come to ierusalem, ... Salue quem ihesum, &c.

Jadis said...

Someone wrote to The Tablet to do a demolition job on Fr Thurston's pamphlet. The enraged Jesuit replied with a thorough fisking worthy of your good self....


Fr Ray Blake said...

Thank you for drawing attention to The Tablet archive, I didn't know it existed.
I am fascinating to read that my predecessor here in Brighton, Fr George Tatum, was the subject and cause of Fr Thurston's irritation.

Matthew said...

For those interested, Fr Thurston's book Lent and Holy Week: Chapters on Catholic Observance and Ritual, in part a revision and expansion of his CTS pamphlets, is available here at archive.org (a site with some other out-of-copyright gems on it!).