13 February 2014

Eric Mascall

Professor William Tighe, for very many years a friend of the Anglican Patrimony, as of all things wholesome, reminds us that tomorrow, February 14, is the twenty-first anniversary of the death of Eric Mascall, Priest and Scholar. CAPD.

Fr Aidan Nichols wrote that the Catholic Revival in the Church of England, in the twentieth century, inspired "a select band of first rate patristic scholars and systematic theologians. In such figures ... the orthodox Roman Catholic can recognise with but little effort 'separated doctors' of the Catholic Church'". In this select band he names Eric Mascall. Mascall's was indeed one of the most acute minds to detect and analyse the deceptions of the last part of the twentieth century.

Now that the tradition represented by Mascall has formally and corporately entered into Full Communion with the See of Peter in the Ordinariates, is it too ... pushy ... to hope that our fellow Catholics will regard these figures as having become their property too? Just as I trust that they will not resent us feeling that their own Saints and great men have now become ours as well ... the Elizabethan Martyrs; Bishop Challoner and his fellow Confessors?

Is this what the phrase "Church Unity" means?


Anonymous said...

For all who would like to read more about Fr. Eric Mascall, see http://www.theanglocatholic.com/2010/02/eric-lionel-mascall-as-anglican-patrimony/

Figulus said...

A very moving piece, Ansgerus. Thank you for linking to it.