16 December 2010

The European Court of Human Rights

"And will you teach us Death?" asked the Lady to Weston's shape, where it stood above her.

"Yes", it said, "it is for this that I came here, that you may have Death in abundance".


Steve Cavanaugh said...

I have always thought Lewis' Space Trilogy unnervingly prophetic. The fiends directing NICE have gained charge of far too many institutions.

David Lindsay said...

The Irish Republic has the best maternal health in the world, and I should be fascinated to hear of any circumstance under which an abortion would still be medically necessary in order to save the life of the mother in any advanced country.

I am afraid that this lady had a profoundly felt but entirely unfounded fear, and therefore requested a procedure which would, in fact, have been perfectly legal, but of the medical need for which she was unable to convince any doctor.